StudioMix foto & makeup


Amor Vincit Omnia et nos cedamus amori? "Love conquers all thing, let us too surrender to love"

I want to make your day something you will remember for a lifetime. Let me immortalize your wedding through my photography. You will have the best memories to remember from your wonderful day.

We will help you to get what you want for your wedding. We have both finished packages and of course you can create your own special package for you. We photograph in all of Sweden.


We are amenable with our proces, so do not hesitate to ask us. We have competitive proces that include finished packages and the possibility to create your own package.


It is very important to us that we can give you precisely the service you want. We will write a quote prior you upcoming wedding and then have a meeting to discuss and plan how you want your day a few weeks before the wedding.


We always send the invoice for the work carried out together with the first delivery of images. You have 30 days in which to pay, 1


We go through all  the locations you want to be photographed in, including any request for specifik sites. The locations can be unique: a beautiful summer day, by the sea, on a beach, in a park or in an abandoned buildning, yes everything has its charm. Many people want photographs of lifestyle images that are above ordinary, naturally its up to you to decide what you want.


Access to all the images is within one to two weeks after the wedding. We deliver high defination images.We can also help you to create photobooks.


Are you also interested in getting help with makeup and hair? We offer free consultaion to the bride and bridesmades to get the exactly the look for your weddingday.